Feel The Force : Memoirs of a Force India Fan

Sergio Perez. The Dawn of a New Hero.

April 6 2014. When half of India was glued to their TV sets, Cricinfo’s live scorecard or any of the dozens of websites live-streaming the World Twenty20 final between India and Sri Lanka, quite a sizable chunk of us were frantically catching up with the updates from another sport. Partly to escape the cacophony of the overdose of the political advertisements between the overs and partly to witness  history bring made in the Bahrain GP. Force India had arrived. Continue reading Feel The Force : Memoirs of a Force India Fan

Crouching Tiger, Bullying Dragon

Picture this. You are like any normal 5th grader going to school. And there is this big bully twice your size who steals your pencils. And there’s this obnoxious guy half your size who steals your lunch. What do you do? It’s obvious in the case of the small guy; You shove him around, show him his place, take your lunch back. But what to do with the big bully? Do you go try punch him in his face but instead you yourself return home crying with two blackened eyes and a broken wrist? Or do you complain about it to the teacher and make sure you get back your stolen pencils? Or do you gang up with your own well built friends and scare/beat the shit out of the big bully? And additionally scare him that you would take his pants the next time if he dares mess with you again and strut around the school with your newly formed league of strong schoolboys with whom no one will mess up ever again?

Now replace yourself as India, the obnoxious weed as Pakistan, The Big Bully as China. Your league of   strong schoolboys as The USA, Russia, UK, Israel, Japan, etc. and your stuff that gets stolen is India’s border/LOC. Putting these in context of the current Indo-Chinese border crisis. We have been seeing our Facebook Walls, Twitter Timelines and New Channels with angry war cries. But do we realize that when it comes to China, The Big Bully things get a little complicated. The war isn’t a feasible option against an enemy whose Army is twice the size of us, whose weapons are superior than us and whose logistical know-how and infrastructure near the border is ‘God-knows-how-many-times’ stronger than us. In our sudden bursts of Patriotic jingoism we fail to look at the sad but true facts. We have already lost a war against the dragon state. Can we afford to go heads on with them again, especially when we haven’t learnt much from the past defeat? Continue reading Crouching Tiger, Bullying Dragon